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Personalized Service


Chan Robles has followed as its primordial philosophy and guidepost, personalized and focused approach in rendering professional services to its clientele. To ensure this, Chan Robles continues to pursue its vision of enlarging its ranks and local and international contacts and of broadening the scope of its professional services with the caveat that its growth should never mean that its lawyers and staff will lose touch with the needs of its clients.

Chan Robles always sees to it that work is handled by people with the right level of competence, expertise, proficiency and appropriate degree of professionalism. At all times, professional work is managed and supervised by a partner or a senior associate attorney proficient in the area involved.

Close consultation and effective liaison with professionals within the areas of expertise and fields of professional practice of Chan Robles, are constantly harnessed to ensure that the desired results are attained in all aspects of litigious and non-litigious engagements.

The simple but rare virtues of candidness, loyalty and honesty in dealing with its clients are the most important principles which Chan Robles follows to the letter. Although litigation is its very life, as long-standing clients, however, will confirm, Chan Robles recommends other forms of less-costly courses of action but with equal, if not better, results rather than the usual tedious and costly litigation.

Nearly all clients of Chan Robles have regular retainer relationship with it. In this manner, problems of the clients which may ripen into full-blown cases in court or arbitral bodies, are monitored from the very start until their final resolution.

To illustrate, its lawyers are actively involved in the hearing, investigation and resolution of administrative cases of its clients’ employees, even before the same reach the courts. On the corporate side, its lawyers act as incorporators, directors, corporate officers, in-house counsels and personnel managers to ensure that its clients do not involve themselves in costly legal entanglement. Clients who are in distressed situation, receive professional advice almost on a daily basis to ensure that decisions made during the course of their business operations are correct and appropriately responsive to the situation at hand.