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What is  the objective of the Philippine On-Line Legal Resources?  

The Philippine On-Line Legal Resources is an innovative concept involving the compilation of Philippine laws, rules and jurisprudence and other legal materials of great import and publishing them on the World Wide Web. It functions as an electronic repository of these legal materials.  It also seeks to mirror  and compile into one comprehensive site all major searchable legal databases available worldwide through the Internet.   Of course, the materials presented involve only such topics which Chan Robles feels have universal relevance and significance such as those on intellectual property, investments, labour, tax, corporation and enterprise law, commercial law, etc.  But this is just the beginning as Chan Robles seeks to amplify the coverage of its sites as new materials come in.  

What is Chan Robles' Virtual Law Library?  

The Virtual Law Library of Chan Robles is a one-stop shop for all major and significant legal resources sites on the World Wide Web compiled by its Legal Research Team. Thousands of hours are wasted surfing the Web for appropriate research materials.  The Virtual Law Library seeks to minimize the headache by presenting in an orderly and comprehensive manner all these resources.  

Is this not a form of advertising for Chan Robles?   

Chan Robles does not intend to use its web site as a form of advertisement medium.  Just like all other Philippine law firms on the Internet, this web site is only for informational purposes and for no other.  The only difference perhaps is the extensive information featured on its pages and the substance of the matters treated therein.  As of date, there is no Filipino legal site providing the same public service.  

Is Chan Robles earning or collecting any fee from this site or has entered into any fee-sharing arrangements with other sites on the World Wide Web?  

The answer is absolutely in the negative.  Chan Robles shall not allow any such arrangements to soil its site.  As earlier asserted, this site is a form of public service to the Philippine legal community, in particular, and to the lawyers, law firms, judges, legal practitioners, researchers and scholars worldwide, in general.  

How does Chan Robles seek to sustain this effort?  

Chan Robles feels that with the sponsorship of the entities composing The ChanRobles Group, and with the continued encouragement and support of Filipino lawyers, law firms, researchers, law students and internet users, there is no reason to even, for a moment, think of putting an end to a worthy cause.  This, Chan Robles believes, is the best form of public service to our beloved countrymen and to the world at large.    

As we used to proclaim, we all live and die through the links we establish on the Web.  The future indeed is full of promises.  Let us all link together.

One World, One Link.